Traffic Information Service - Broadcast (TIS-B) Services Now Available, Please Be Advised:

A developmental version of the TIS-B is now available from operational ground stations. TIS-B traffic consists of transponder equipped aircraft being seen by radar and then relayed to your aircraft via the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) ADS-B data link. In order to see the transponder traffic, the aircraft must be within radar coverage and you must be within the communication range of a ground station.

Pilots, please note the following:

Guidance From the FAA Air Traffic Division:

All pilots/operators are reminded that the airborne equipment that displays other ADS-B equipped aircraft and transponder equipped aircraft via TIS-B is only for pilot situational awareness. This equipment is not approved as a collision avoidance tool. Any deviation from an air traffic control clearance based on cockpit information must be approved by the controlling ATC facility prior to commencing the maneuver. Uncoordinated deviations may place an aircraft in close proximity to other aircraft under ATC control not seen on the airborne equipment and may possibly result in the issuance of a pilot deviation.